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The Future of European Tax Competition Essay Prize

EPICENTER – our international independent network of nine leading think tanks from across Europe, that seeks to inform the EU policy debate and promote the principles […]

Was John Stuart Mill a socialist? | Giannis Rousopoulos

Giannis Rousopoulos’ article about who was John Stuart Mill, what were his ideas and did he believe in socialist utopia? Giannis Rousopoulos is a student of […]

Democracy, Populism, and Golden Dawn| Dimitris Dimitrakos

Dimitris Dimitrakos’s article titled “Democracy, Populism, and Golden Dawn (political party)” published on 13.10.2020 in Ta Nea newspaper, written on the occasion of the recent Golden Dawn (political party) trial. Dimitris […]

International Tax Competitiveness Index 2020: Greece ranks 29th over 36 countries of OECD

Greece ranks 29th overall on the 2020 International Tax Competitiveness Index, the same as in 2019. Some strengths of the Greek tax system: The personal tax […]

International Tax Competitiveness Index | Tax Foundation | Presented in Greece by KEFiM

International Tax Competitiveness Index 2020 will be released and presented in Greece by KEFiM, in conjunction with Tax Foundation, the leading independent tax policy nonprofit in […]

Πώς θα καταργηθεί το εκπαιδευτικό μονοπώλιο του κράτους | Τάσος Αβραντίνης

Του Τάσου Αβραντίνη* Δύο μόνο πράγματα έχουν επιβιώσει με τις ευλογίες της Δημοκρατίας από την εποχή της χούντας: η ποινικοποίηση της φοροδιαφυγής και το κρατικό μονοπώλιο […]

e-Masterclass with Mustafa Akyol | Turkey’s New Nationalism

The Center for Liberal Studies – Markos Dragoumis organizes on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 19:00 (EEST) an online masterclass with an eminent liberal, journalist, author, […]

KEFiM welcomes Melina Daskalakis to Advisory Board

KEFiM welcomes Melina Daskalakis, a Supreme Court lawyer, legal advisor, and Executive Advisor for Migrants and Refugees to the Athens City Council to our Advisory Board. […]

The alternative of Metternich | Aristides Hatzis

Aristides Hatzis’s article titled “The alternative of Metternich” published on 02.08.2020 in Kathimerini newspaper. The article explores Klemens von Metternich’s – German prince and Austrian diplomat (1809-1848) – involvement […]