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We envision Greece as a role model of economic and civil liberty
that enables its citizens to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

What is KEFiM?

What is KEFiM?

The Center for Liberal Studies - Markos Dragoumis (KEFiM) is the main independent non-partisan non-profit liberal think tank in Greece. It has the legal form of a civil non-profit organization and is headquartered in Athens. We envision Greece as a role model of economic and civil liberty that enables its citizens to pursue their dreams and aspirations. The mission of KEFiM is to increase the influence of and support for ideas and policies that promote individual freedom.

Workshop: European Cities Network on Migration

With great success and plenty of participation, KEFiM in collaboration with the European Liberal Forum (ELF) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF), organized the […]

Volunteer Internship Program

Interested in an internship at the most important liberal think tank in Greece?Apply now! Who can apply for a KEFiM’s internship program This program is directed […]

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This is your official invitation to the Economic Freedom of the World Network Meeting.  Come with your ideas and your thoughts for action and share them with […]


KEFIM always brings big ideas and high energy to everything they do. We enjoyed a great partnership with KEFIM in 2019 for the Europe Liberty Forum […]

Matt Warner

President Atlas Network

KEFiM is accelerating the work of liberals beyond the Greek borders. With the Regulatory Quality Index, they created a tool that could have positive impacts on […]

Daniel Kaddik

Executive Director European Liberal Forum (ELF)

I have been very impressed to see the progress that Kefim has made in the three short years it has taken to transform it from a […]

Linda Whetstone

Chairman of Network for a Free Society and of the Atlas Network

Greece was heading down the road to serfdom faster than any other European country. KEFiM plays a crucial role in turning the tide around and I’m […]

Mark Littlewood

Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA)

KEFIM is the agora of freedom loving citizens in Athens, not only for Greeks but for all the World.  KEFIM has been a safe-haven for all […]

Eduardo Massieu Paredes

Venezuela Ambassador to Greece appointed by President Juan Guaidó

I have been impressed by the scope and quality of KEFiM initiatives. Having a rich network of international collaborations and a solid research background, it deals […]

Former Deputy Prime Minister, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Finance, Professor of Constitutional Law

I congratulate you on the quality of the work and the courage with which you express your views in a sober and documented way. The work […]

Prime Minister

I believe that KEFiM, a new think tank that intensely brings liberal ideas to Greece, is finally decriminalizing an extremely important and free current and this […]

President of “DIKTIO – Network for Reform in Greece and Europe”

Although KEFiM is not affiliated with any party, it has pleasantly surprised us with the quality and quantity of its work. It has highlighted through successive […]

Minister of Environment and Energy

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